mad as rabbits
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what a buttface. i still get quidditch emails but ur whimsy and rhymes are too wonderful :D

thank you friend. tonight I quoted jane eyre and used the word gobbledygook. what is not to love?


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some dude sent me such a rude email asking to be taken off the quidditch email list saying he was “constantly receiving irrelevant emails” or some such nonsense. how hard is it to just be like “hello, please remove me from this list. thank you” like a decent person. I’m sorry my whimsical rhyming emails are not enough to coax out the thorn riddled branches currently lodged in all your orifices.

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have u ever accidentally befriended someone who is very very irritating

I thought you said beheaded

that would not be an accident

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my soul craves polyamorous Chuck, Olive, and Ned. I need it. I need it so much.

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Do you have any secrets that would help you get through a zombie apocalypse? (x)

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